Though Easter is nearly upon us, and the Lenten observance of eating fish on Friday's will be over soon, it doesn't mean you don't want to know where to get this best seafood in the area. Are you kidding me? Spring and summer are on the horizon, and what could be better than grabbing some seafood right along the Hudson on a beautiful, sunny day as you watch the waves roll? We made it easy for you! Updated for 2024, here's a list of the best seafood restaurants in Orange County, New York!

Best Restaurants for Seafood in Orange County, NY

According to the Hudson Valley Yelpers, these ten restaurants have the best seafood in Orange County, NY, from lobster to calamari to oysters and more!

Gallery Credit: Conor Walsh

These Are The Fish Fries You Love the Most in the Hudson Valley

Now, just a clarification, these are simply the ones that YOU told us about. If we missed any, please let us know, we would love to expand the list. There are plenty of amazing fish fries, especially around this time of year, so it's thanks to you that we can keep up with as many as possible and let you know about one's you may have not been aware of either. So, without any further ado, here are some of the best fish fries in the Hudson Valley recommended by you through our apps, Facebook page, and Instagram pages, the listener!

Best Fish Fries in the Hudson Valley According to Listeners 2024

These fish fries in the Hudson Valley were recommended by you! What other ones should make our list?

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16 Best Fish Fry Near Poughkeepsie According to Google

Updated for 2024, this is the list of the best fish fry in Poughkeepsie, according to Google Reviews. Now, the majority of this list consists of established local and chain restaurants here in Poughkeepsie. If you're looking to enjoy a local fish fry from a nearby parish, fire station, fraternity, or other specialized organization/charity, keep scrolling to the next list where we have the best fish fry in the Hudson Valley suggested by YOU!

16 Best Fish Fry Near Poughkeepsie According to Google (2024)

Gallery Credit: Conor Walsh