There are a few different answers, but which one is the correct one?

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I always try to be pretty honest about how horrible I am in the kitchen and with any other food related questions. It's just something I don't fully understand and it's been a learning process since I've entered adulthood. Since my cooking skills are VERY limited and I try to eat somewhat healthy during the week, an easy go-to meal for me is to order one of my favorite dishes from a local Chinese food restaurant. Here me out...I get shrimp and broccoli so I get protein and a vegetable and I get about 3 meals out of it so it's way cheaper compared to trying to cook it myself. However, something came up the other day that I wasn't too sure about.

How long can you keep Shrimp for before it goes bad?


I had a very busy weekend so I figured I'd order my shrimp, broccoli and rice and have it on hand for dinner. I ordered it on Saturday night probably around 7pm, but by Tuesday I still did not touch it. Over the long weekend I went to a few bbq's and lets just say dinner was pretty much covered for a few days. On Tuesday night I was going to heat up my meal, but I it bad to eat the shrimp after a few days? Is there a rule for how many days you're supposed to keep Shrimp before it goes bad?

According to a few sources, you can keep cooked Shrimp for 3-4 days and it is okay to eat it in that time. Phew...It's also suggested that your reheat it in a cooler temperature compared to what it was cooked in so it doesn't overcook. Overcooking the Shrimp can lead it having a rubbery texture and NOBODY wants that when they are trying to eat.

Do you agree with the 3-4 day rule for Shrimp? Have you heard something different? Let us know on the station app.

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