Updated August 26, 2022. Been hearing a bit too much lately about nearby county Tax Foreclosure Auctions? I can't seem to get enough! There are pretty much two times a year where you can find a bunch of these auctions taking place, in the Spring and in the Fall.

If you missed the info on the Dutchess County, or the Ulster County auctions, I will include those links for you so you can check them out. But what about another Hudson Valley foreclosure auction? How many parcels and when will it take place?

Details on the upcoming Orange County, NY Tax Foreclosure Auction, 2022:

Close-up Of A Gavel Striking On Auction Word

How many parcels will be offered in the upcoming auction? There will be 87 parcels, which include residential properties. There is a listing catalog, which you should investigate, showing the land markings, the value of the property, and a few photos too.

While there might not be official viewings, the listing will tell you how to 'view' the property or even if it is actually viewable (most are not). This time around it looks like there will be no in-person viewings, everything is online.

What do you need to do before the Orange County, NY foreclosure auction?


It is very important (notice that those words are bolded and italic) that you get yourself registered a few days in advance before the vigorous bidding takes place. You will need to also see how much you will need to pay at the end of the bidding. For example, do you need to immediately pay 30% and the rest two business days later?

You need to know these things.

Is the auction being held in person or online? Who's the auction company?

Photo by Robin Jonathan Deutsch on Unsplash
Photo by Robin Jonathan Deutsch on Unsplash

This particular foreclosure auction is being held online, by a company based out of Pleasant Valley, NY, Absolute Auction & Realty. They historically hold a few of the county foreclosure auctions each year. The Orange County auction wraps up on September 6, 2022, at 11 am. Don't wait until the last minute to get registered and bid. You need to be approved for bidding in advance.

How can you get more information, property listing and get registered?

Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash
Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

Here is a link to the auction info on the Absolute Auction site. Read everything, two or three times so you are super prepared. Good luck.

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