The legendary original lead singer of the band Faith No More will be playing a show in the Hudson Valley this weekend. Chuck Mosley will perform at The Anchor in Kingston along with the band Casting Ships.

Mosley was the frontman of Faith No More for their first two albums, We' Care A Lot and Introduce Yourself. He had joined the band in 1985 after being friendly with guitarist Billy Gould since the late '70s. By the time 1987 rolled around his increasingly erratic behavior led to his dismissal, which lead to some legal issues.

A few years later, Mosley surfaced as vocalist of punk legends Bad Brains but after more than 50 shows with them, he left the band.

So, here's your chance to catch a legendary vocalist here in the Hudson Valley this weekend. You can check out some music at Mosley's Bandcamp page. Mosley was born in Hollywood, but currently resided in Cleveland, Ohio.