Otisville, NY is home to the Orphaned Wild Life Center. Their goal is simple, provide safety and nurturing to animals that are orphaned and prepare them for reintroduction into the wild.

Such is the case for a bear cub who was recently hit by a car and sustained enough injuries to render it unconscious for two days. The cub is awake now and recovering steadily under the constant care of the Orphaned Wild Life Center.

The Cub, named Vinny NuNu by his current care givers, still does not have full use of it’s legs. The Center would like to build a large enclosure for him to aid in Vinny’s rehabilitation before sending him off into the wild to live a free life.

This process is costly and they need funds for Vinny. If you wish to donate please visit his GoFundMe page.

More information about The Orphaned Wild Life Center can be found on their website.