Over 1.4 million gallons of waste spilled into a river and creek in the Hudson Valley. Drinking water may be impacted.

On Tuesday and into Wednesday an estimated 720,000 gallons of untreated waste and stormwater spilled into the Hudson River, according to the New York Wastewater Treatment Plant in Newburgh. The Newburgh Boat Launch is likely impacted by the discharge. Wet weather is to blame.

In an alert sent out Wednesday morning, officials said the discharge is ongoing and estimates 500 gallons per minute is flowing into the Hudson River.

On Tuesday, officials alerted the public that an estimated 720,000 gallons of partially treated waste without disinfection spilled into Rondout Creek. Rain is said to be the cause. The discharge started at 30 Rondout Landing in Kingston.

Officials say the bathing beach, boat launch, fishing area and drinking water intake near the creek are likely impacted.