Though an official release date has yet to be announced, Papa Roach could be in line to turn around their next studio album two years after their last release. While speaking with LAMC Productions (seen below), singer Jacoby Shaddix revealed that the band is targeting "early next year" for their next studio album.

The process was perhaps sped up a bit given the free time the band has had due to the global pandemic. Shaddix stated, "As we've been, I guess, quarantined in our homes for a while, we've been doing a lot of songwriting. And we have probably about 10 songs written at this point, and we are going to write some more music as we're home. And we're gonna drop an album probably early next year. And that's really exciting for us. We just signed a new record deal, which is very exciting for us as well."

The band's most recent album, Who Do You Trust?, arrived on Jan. 18, 2019, and yielded the title track, plus the singles "Elevate" and "Come Around." It was the second consecutive record the band had worked on with producers Nicholas "RAS" Furlong and Colin Brittain.

With guitarist Jerry Horton now fully recovered from a broken finger, Papa Roach gave fans a 20th anniversary live streamed celebration of their Infest album, playing the record in full for those who purchased tickets over the weekend. The band also directed those wishing to donate additional money to their selected beneficiaries -- Doctors Without Borders, the NAACP and the World Federation for Mental Health.

Papa Roach's Jacoby Shaddix Speaks With LAMC Productions

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