Back in November and December we talked a lot about that oh so annoy---I mean, lovable, elf on the shelf doll that likely runs around your homes during the Christmas season.  How us parents typically forget to move them a few times during their yearly visit and what creative mischief they've gotten into....

I saw someone on my instagram that did a variation of this for St. Patrick's Day, leprechaun on the ledge, leaving a pot of gold and the kids trying to set up a trap to catch it.  Didn't happen in my house, I just don't have the energy.

Well, now that St. Patrick's Day is over, it's onto Easter, and we're in luck, here comes the Peep On A Perch.

Yup, this peep is of the non-edible variety, and apparently reports back to the Easter Bunny about your child's behavior.  It can get into the same antics as it's pals the elf and leprechaun, and comes with a book that encourages good behavior by your little ones.

Does it make me a bad parent if I have absolutely NO desire to get involved with another seasonal tradition that has me waking up out of a dead sleep freaking out that I didn't move it or make it do something ridiculous each morning?

Will this peep be perching at your house?