Get ready parents, next week the elf on the damn shelf returns to haunt your homes for a month.

Yes, it's that time of year again. Parents will be trying to think of a last minute place to hide the stupid elf, because they forgot the night before. At least that's what happens in my house every year.

The idea behind the elf is, it arrives Thanksgiving night for the children to find Friday morning. Bringing new meaning to the term 'Black Friday, as it's a very dark day for parents.

The elf watches how the children behave, and reports back to Santa each night. Motivation for the kids to not act up, which does not work in my house. Even though these things are pretty creepy, you can have some fun it.

I like to incorporate different toys into the mix, for example last year I had the elves kidnap the toys from 'Toy Story' and Buzz Lightyear was trying to rescue them.

So, while you may fear the elf is going to kill you in your sleep, just know, that it's a fun thing to do with your kids to get them excited for Christmas.