This article is brought to you by a cringe-worthy conversation that I had with a friend recently.

The Life of a Radio DJ

First off, let me just start off by saying that ever since I got this job here at WRRV, that's all that people want to talk about. "How are things going at the radio station?" "Have you met/are you friends with [Insert DJ's Name Here]?" "Can you get my music on the radio?" It's great to talk about, and I love my job, but I am more than just a radio personality! I do other things, you know, like eat... and sleep... and breathe.... I'm kidding around, I keep myself plenty busy between music, cooking, exercise, reading, writing, and more. I'm interesting! I swear!

The Conversation In Question

One of these conversations about the radio station recently took a turn that I wasn't expecting, nor did I really want. I was chilling with a friend and we were talking about some of my air breaks. They then said, "Conor, you're kind of like the Pete Davidson of WRRV." To that, I was stunned. I didn't know what to think. Obviously, the guy is successful, but he is not a celebrity I ever thought I would get compared to. Hell, I did a poll and article trying to figure out the appeal of the guy!

The Argument For:

Naturally, between my cringes and baby barfs, I was curious as to what my friend meant by that comment. What do we possibly have in common to make such an association. They said:

  • We are the youngest members of our programs
    • He became popular for his "Resident Young Person" Segments on SNL during Weekend Update
    • I'm the youngest DJ at WRRV, and I'm pretty sure in the building in general.
  • Both of our programs air on the weekend
    • Saturday Night Live naturally being on Saturday, and bleeding into Sunday
    • Keepin' Company w/ Conor being on Saturday's 2pm-7pm and Sunday's 10am-2pm.
  • A common talking point we both have is still living with our parents
    • He was well known for living with his mom for years, even after his success
    • I had to move back home because of the pandemic.

The Argument Against

Honestly, this argument is pretty thin in my mind. Sure, there are a couple of interesting connections, but overall, I don't see it.

  • We have totally different personalities
    • The way Pete Davidson comes off is that he has a very Type B personality, while I would consider myself Type A.
  • Tattoos
    • He is covered in them while I have none.
  • Weed and other drugs
    • Pete Davidson has been very open about his consumption of weed and other substances. I have never done any drugs in my life. The only thing I indulge in is drinking.
  • He's Super Rich and Dates Powerful Celebrity Women
    • Yeah, um, I can't even compete in this category...

I think our differences heavily outweigh the similarities, but I appreciate my friend's creativity there. What do you think? Any similarity? Any connection? Do you think that my friend's comparison is a compliment or an insult? Let us know through the app or on our social medias!

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