It's not delivery, it's life changing.

Let me get this straight, if you can't make it to the pizza the pizza will come directly to you and the driver will clear the massive amount of snow that's accumulated on your driveway? Is this real life? It sounds too good to be true.

There's a pizza shop near the coast of Lake Michigan that has an incredible pizza deal.

According to UPI, This winter, if you order from Mario' Pizzeria during a snow storm they will not only deliver it to you but will also offer to plow your driveway as well for $30.

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They've already mastered the delivery service and the owner has been plowing snow for over 8 years so he comes well qualified to save the day.

Right now the $30 includes the plow and a one topping pizza. This service is a work of brilliance that allows me to tip my hat to the mitten state.

Should this be a new service offered in the Hudson Valley? I think we can all agree that it should. We've already got Michigan beat in the pizza game.