Here we go again! Last video showed my crushing defeat at the hands of Surus. This elephant has just been trampling me every time I get his health down below 10% and it has been beyond frustrating.

I think it's very therapeutic to share my failures as I did in the previous video. It also helps me remember that a failure in the gaming world does not equal a failure in life, but that's a different video all together.

Sticking with this very pissed off war elephant located in The Green Mountains, I maintain the same strategy. Will it pan out this time around? Should I try a different gear set? You tell me, for now the strategy I use is as follows.

Strategy used here is that of dodging and adrenaline gaining. I keep my shield up by pressing L1 and that protects you from their ranged attacks. Attack from range using warrior bow and light bow. Wait for adrenaline gauge to max out and use overpower attack to inflict maximum damage.

If there are any videos you'd like for me to make regarding Origins let me know in the comments below.