The NY State Renaissance Faire is very particular about their presentation. Like most carnivals and fairs, there are rides for people to enjoy. However, at The Ren Fair, these rides are man powered. Giant contraptions that safely hold it's riders require substantial force to propel them to and fro.

This doesn't sound like a fun job but I have many fond memories during my college years doing this exact job every weekend. It allowed for me to be at The Fair and mingle with the performers. I wasn't an actor like most of the theatrically trained staff, but I learned a lot from them. Doing my best medieval accent, which paled in comparison to the performers, I had fun doing whatever I could to entice patrons to come enjoy whatever ride I was working that day.

My recent trip to The Ren Faire allowed me to spectate the next generation of ride pushers only to appreciate all the hard work it takes them to make it through their day.

The NY State Renaissance Faire is located in Tuxedo, NY and runs Saturdays & Sundays thru October 1st. More Details and ticket information can be found here.