When driving north on Rt. 9 there's no missing The Dutchess County Fair to your right before leaving Rhinebeck. Usually the first thing you notice are the rides. The Ferris Wheel kissing the sky as you look toward the horizon. Yup, it's a fair!

The kid in me is always first in line when it came to rides. As an adult I understand the consequences of eating too much fair food and then partaking in the portable thrill rides the fair has to offer.

I kept it simple during my stay and casually rode up the Ferris Wheel to simply enjoy the breathtaking views of The Hudson Valley. It really is quite beautiful up there. With perfect weather I captured this site for your viewing pleasure and maybe persuade you to ride it next year!

After riding the simple yet fun "Mouse Trap" Ride I realized I failed to properly secure my Mobile Phone and it flew out of my pocket! Keep in mind this happened AFTER I already recorded over 30 minutes of video. Thankfully there was a hero within the ranks and my phone was found. It was a good day indeed at The Dutchess County Fair!