Every year I give out candy on Halloween. I figured I spent my childhood getting free candy every year and after becoming a home owner I felt it was good to give it back to the next generation. Living in Poughkeepsie there are a lot of children, which means I need A LOT of candy.

Each year I'll go through 700-1000 pieces of candy, thankfully there is a Rite Aid close by in case I run out. This year was the same as previous Halloweens. No kids until 6pm, that's when they come out in force. It's non stop until about 8pm, that is when my block subsides and the door bell stops ringing.

Since I didn't want my dog barking and getting excited every time someone new arrived for their candy I brought him outside and set up a little tailgate party. He met so many people who enthusiastically pet him while he politely sat down and wagged his tail for them. It was a good Halloween!