Hunting season is in full swing in New York, but not everyone is playing by the rules. A sneaky poacher in Ulster County was recently snared on an illegal outing, and how they were caught was something straight out of a movie.

Legal Hunting Season in New York State

Deer and bear hunting in New York commenced in September, and continues through December with different regulations throughout the months concerning which deer may be harvested and how (below). The crossbow-toting poacher caught this week in Ulster County clearly hadn't read - or didn't care about - the laws.


Wait, are Crossbows Legal to Use While Hunting in New York

While most of us may view crossbows as the perfect zombie-hunting weapon from television and movies, they are also legally allowed to use for game hunting in New York State. Unfortunately, the way this hunter was using his crossbow, and when, led to his charges.

Emmett Starnes via Canva
Emmett Starnes via Canva

Hunting Regulations in New York

Hunting deer in New York is never legal at night. Hunters are allowed 30 minutes either before sunrise or sunset, but when Environmental Conservation Police Officer (ECO) Walraven was on a late patrol in Wawarsing, NY, he noticed something out of the ordinary.

Night Hunting with a Crossbow in Ulster County, NY

The New York Department of Environmental Conservation (NYS DEC) shared more details:

Officer Walraven saw the poacher exit his vehicle and shine the spotlight on a group of deer close to the road before using a crossbow to shoot at the deer. When ECO Walraven pulled the man over, the subject admitted the crime.

Not only was the poacher breaking the law by discharging a crossbow on a public highway, but he was charged for hunting outside of legal hours, hunting without a license, and several other hunting-related infractions.

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The NYS DEC welcomes any resident to hunt within the legal guidelines. Brush up on your bow hunting knowledge below, and keep scrolling to learn the new deer and bear hunting regulations for 2022.

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New York DEC New Rules For Deer and Bear Hunting

As you prepare for the fall deer and bear hunting season, you need to be aware of these new rules just adopted by the New York Department of Environmental Conservation.