Police in the Hudson Valley were hard at work rescuing someone in need, though this was not a person that we're talking about.

Officials say they received a call about a dog that was in a local sewer. While police say they're not sure how the dog got into the sewer to begin with, it was going to take a little extra coaxing to get this pup out. In this case, food really helps.

Westchester Police Rescue Dog Found in Sewer 

The New Rochelle Police Department said on their Facebook page that they discovered the dog in the sewer. And while they say the dog was wearing a harness and leash at the time, they claim the pup appeared to have been abandoned.

So, the police department had a plan though to get the dog out.

According to the officers, they shared their dinner with the dog who was more than happy to approach them for a bite to eat, Once the dog was rescued from the sewer, officials say they noticed that there was no ID or microchip.

The dog has been given the name Leonardo, and is now available for adoption from the Humane Society of Westchester.  

Study Says New Yorkers Are Not Warm Towards Each Other, But They Love Their Pets

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From what the people who were surveyed are saying, some in New York may really love their pets more than their very own partners. According to the survey, New Yorkers are more affectionate towards their pets than their own partners with 69% feeling more comfortable with animals than other people.

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