Kris Roe, singer for the pop-punk outfit The Ataris, suffered quite the scare after being the victim in a high speed police chase. The musician was in Hollywood Monday night (Dec. 17), when a vehicle under pursuit crashed into his van.

"Tonight I was an innocent victim of a high speed chase," said Roe on The Ataris' Facebook page. "Some lunatic flew around the corner in Hollywood. He was being chased by multiple police cars. Traveling at high pursuit driving recklessly in a supposedly stolen car. He slammed straight in into me head on at full speed. He was traveling so fast that he sent my 10 ton Van from the outer left lane into the parking lane. He was traveling with such force that the center engine console detached and shot forward into the van ramming into my leg. I feel lucky to be alive."

Roe revealed that his leg, back, neck and side are in pain and that his dog went flying out of her seat during the wreck, but luckily she survived the incident. The van was smoking after the collision, but Roe and his dog were able to escape out of a window in the vehicle.

In total, three vehicle were involved in the crash at the end of the police pursuit. "I love watching high speed pursuits on TV, but I don't want to be part of one," Roe said to Los Angeles' NBC Channel 4 affiliate. Video footage from NBC's report in the player below.

Luckily, no one was seriously injured in the collision, but traffic was disrupted for hours. Roe said in his Facebook post that after escaping the vehicle, he noticed multiple guns drawn by police who had been chasing the driver. "I quickly hurry away from the scene. I sit on a curb where a homeless guy offers me a blanket and a chair. It’s nice to know that compassion exists in this world. I’m super thankful to be alive tonight," said Roe. "Merry Christmas.
Never take one second for granted."

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