Fast food franchises continue to change their menus by bringing back old fan favorites. In this case, a popular item is soon returning to KFC locations across the Hudson Valley and the rest of the country. The popular dish hasn't been available for a couple of years, according to Thrillist. And as the cost of eating out continues to go up, customers will be happy to know this dish will only cost you $5 dollars.

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Thrillist is reporting that the Mac & Cheese Bowl will make its triumphant return to all KFC locations on July 18, for the first time since 2019. If you're wondering what's in one of these things, it's pretty basic and straightforward. The bowls are the restaurant's mac n' cheese side dish, with popcorn chicken and a three cheese blend mixed in. Thrillist says that if you absolutely can't wait a few days and must have a few of these right now, you can get the exclusive offer by ordering them ahead of time on the KFC mobile app and

Where to get the Bowls at Hudson Valley KFCs

KFC has Hudson Valley locations in Poughkeepsie, Fishkill, Hopewell Junction, Newburgh, Kingston, Carmel, Peekskill, Middletown, and Monroe.

Other New Items to Order at Your Favorite Spots

Wendy's made an addition to their menus that some have been craving for some time. The fast food establishment had tested the new item last year in their Canadian locations, and it reportedly created some big buzz online. So, Wendy's tried it out in some American locations, and the continued feedback seemed to indicate that the buzz wasn't just a fluke.

Could this be as big of a deal as when Wendy's brought their spicy chicken nuggets back to their menu? 


CNN says that the new strawberry Frosty has come to all Hudson Valley and nationwide locations. It may not sound like a huge deal to some, but this is only the second time the chain has added a new frosty flavor in 16 years. It will be available for a limited time and will replace the vanilla Frosty, though the vanilla shake will return when the strawberry promotion runs out.

Maybe you'll have better luck getting a Frosty than a McFlurry?

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