Halloween decorations have always taken a back seat to the average holiday house in December. Some people residing in the City of Poughkeepsie decided to step up their holiday spirit by fully decorating their front yard with inflatables.

These are awesome! I drove past the house a few times before stopping to take a photo, thankfully the house is on the market so it would appear normal for me to capture this home digitally.

It wasn't until I drove past in the evening that I realized there was more to this house. All of the inflatables are illuminated after sunset creating an awesome spooky atmosphere and enhancing my own fun for this Halloween season.

Watch the video for yourself and see what one house has done to lift the spirits and festivities of those around them as we kick off our end of the year holiday seasons. If this is what they are doing for Halloween, I can only imagine what Christmas will be like at this City of Poughkeepsie Home.