compiled a list of the top 35 dive bars in upstate NY. They used yelp to find the most reviews and found that Yelp has an overwhelmingly positive response to Poughkeepsie's youngest dive bar, Tavern 23.

They may categorize themselves as a dive bar, but coming from a patron of this spot, it is anything but. You can expect a perfect atmosphere with reasonably priced drinks and delicious food that will make you come back for more.


The small room provides opportunity for the upbeat and friendly staff to have personal interactions with each patron who walks through the door. It will inspire that "Cheers" feeling where everybody knows your name.

Tavern 23 Space

Always clever with their specials like "See you next Tuesday" where you receive a gift certificate for 50% of what you spent on your food and can only be used the following Tuesday.

I cannot recommend Tavern 23 enough, it turned my head the first time I went there and I look forward to creating many fond memories in this amazing new night spot.