Imagine a man stealing an item you're paying for right in front of you and they're doing it arrogantly in front of the check-out counter.

We keep hearing about the rise in shoplifting and petty crime across America but I actually witnessed it today and I have to say that as a paying customer I can't help but be a little irritated.

I was purchasing a few items and while we were checking out I noticed a pack of Chapstick hanging near the register. This pack had 3 tubes in it and was almost $4. My daughter grabbed it and I almost told her to put it back but then I thought that as we get to the colder months I may need some extra so I had her put it on the conveyer. A man dressed in all black and only holding a black school book bag got a little closer to me. He then reached for the same pack of Chapstick. I thought maybe we reminded him to get some as well.

He then opened it up and applied the lip balm. I didn't think this was odd as I have eaten or used items and paid for them later before. The man pocketed the single Chapstick and then put the used box back on a different shelf. He gave me a look that was so arrogant. I gave a glare back but I didn't want to cause a scene because I had my young daughter with me. I don't know what he was even in line to buy. Maybe he was purchasing the bag? I would have gladly bought him the pack had he not had enough cash but I don't think he ever would have asked.

After paying I went back to see if I was imaging the whole incident. The half empty pack was still there. Maybe her paid for the whole thing and was giving two free tubes to someone else. You know, paying it forward?

I have witnessed people stealing little things before but it didn't bother me like this one did. He took an item that I had just picked up from the rack and dropped on the conveyer belt to ring up and pay for. Then he grabbed the same item, opened it, used it while giving me this bizarre look. He raised both his eyebrows while applying the chap stick. It seemed like such an "FU" to me.

I know it's just $4 but a thief is a thief and this just felt personal.

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