Poughkeepsie holds secrets, and as the newest morning radio host in Poughkeepsie, along with my friend Matthew James, we're discovering them one by one. Our adventure began in an Airbnb, our temporary home while we navigate this new chapter.

Little did we know, right next door lay a hidden culinary gem – a Mexican restaurant cleverly disguised as an ordinary house. No flashy signs beckon, just the quiet allure of tantalizing aromas promising culinary delights within.

It was the curious sight of people leaving with delicious-smelling packages that piqued my interest. Inside, it felt like stepping into a different world, with colorful walls and a scent that hinted at tantalizing flavors.

I Wish I Paid Attention In Class

So there I was, attempting to charm the staff with my high school Spanish and doing a horrible job at that. But hey, my linguistic fumble just added to the mystique of the joint. It was like cracking a secret code, where only the brave souls willing to navigate the linguistic minefield could unlock the full experience.


Deciphering the menu was like solving a tasty puzzle. It was mostly is Spanish, with just a hint of English here and there. From familiar favorites like enchiladas to new, exciting dishes full of tradition, each bite felt like a mini adventure. And the kicker? No prices listed! How much are the enchiladas? I have no idea.

For Those Who Like It Hot

But it was the homemade hot sauce that stole the show – fiery and flavorful, leaving a delicious heat lingering on my tongue.

Despite multiple visits, I still don't know the name of this hidden gem. And somehow, that adds to its charm. It feels like my personal culinary haven, a secret spot where I can escape the noise of the world and savor the simple joy of good food.


If I had a clue about where this place was or what it was called, trust me, I'd spill the beans! Somewhere along South Ave in Poughkeepsie, this gem remains hidden but well worth looking for. Consider it a scavenger hunt! And let us know if you have any ideas on what this place might be called!

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