Don't let the address fool you, there's another spot in the country with the same name and beautiful housing options.

Homes in the Hudson Valley are pretty expensive and hard to come by these days. A lot of people have had to hold off on their housing dreams because of how pricey everything is and they are even considering leaving the Hudson Valley to go to other parts of the country just to be able to own a home.

You know what, that's completely fine. There are many other beautiful places across the country where you can have a great life, be surrounded by fun things and actually be able to afford a lovely home.

How about we take a real deep look and see how true that is?

Where is there another Newburgh in the country?

Newburgh, Indiana is a town that's on the banks of the Ohio river and it known for its historic downtown that is filled with cool shops, specialty stores and restaurants on the waterfront. Hmmm, doesn't that sound just like the Newburgh here? It even has the waterfront too.....

What will $800,000 get you in Newburgh Indiana compared to Newburgh, New York?

The short answer is a very nice home that has a lot of nice amenities. So there's a little bit of a difference in the price comparison, but you get the deal.

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Here's the housing details on Newburgh, Indiana:

If you're thinking of relocating, there's a stunning home that's for sale in Newburgh, Indiana. The listing price is $895,000 and the home is in the exclusive Lake Newburgh area. Not only that, the home has 4 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, a jacuzzi tub, wet bar and stunning saltwater fiberglass pool. Sounds pretty fancy...

William Smith, F.C. Tucker Emge via
William Smith, F.C. Tucker Emge via

Looks like you could have a pretty nice life and own a stunning home in Newburgh, Indiana.

Here's the details on Newburgh, New York:

So it's a little bit of a difference here. Newburgh has come a long way and even more progress will be seen there over the next few years. Prices in New York are just tough and your money just doesn't seem to go as far here. However, if you're looking to become a landlord this option could be perfect for you (I know, I know it's not a home). The current listing price for this 4-unit plan located on 157 Broadway in Newburgh is $800,000. There's a lot that can be done with this multi-family home and it will be great for the right person.

Sarah Beckham Hooff with ReAttached, via
Sarah Beckham Hooff with ReAttached, via

So, as you can there is a bit of a difference what about $800,000 will get you in Newburgh Indiana compared to Newburgh, New York. For those who are house hunting/looking for investment properties or anything else right now, you might want to keep this in mind.

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