Even if you had a crystal ball, you probably really wouldn't be able to predict where prices for propane and heating oil will land this winter. The market is volatile and will continue to be volatile, but in general, we can expect that prices will climb more when temperatures drop.

Fortunately, Depew Energy has special programs to minimize the impact on your bottom line over the winter season. Enrollment is presently underway for the two propane programs, and customers can expect pricing on the oil programs to start shortly. The basics for both are the same:

Pre-buy Program: A set price per gallon is agreed upon at signup, so no matter how high prices climb throughout your contract, you'll pay the agreed price.

Capped-price Program: For this one, the max price is set when you sign up for the program. As prices fluctuate, you won't pay more than the agreed price but you'll still be able to take advantage of any price drops that might happen.

Depew Energy
Depew Energy

Depew Energy offers these programs because its leaders are committed to helping customers keep their energy costs as low as possible. As a family-owned business, they understand how market volatility can affect local families. These programs are designed to help customers budget throughout the season.

Program enrollment will eventually end, though, so don't wait too long. Click here to learn more or call (845) 827-1800 to learn more and to start the sign-up process. A few minutes now will save you tons of headaches and money this winter!