The state of the union address is a yearly US government tradition where the president informs congress on the state of our country and what they feel should be done. The first televised address was in 1947 with former president Harry S. Truman. Last night, President Trump had his first state of the union address and according to the ratings, had significantly fewer viewers than former President Obama's first state of the union address.

I took a pass on watching last night but it has nothing to do with who our president is. As a matter of fact, I didn't even vote in the presidential election. This type of government apathy is very common among members of my generation and below. We just don't care enough and that could be our downfall.

I've never gone to bat for any politician especially when it comes to social media. Too many people get amped up when talking politics and the word Trump has become a buzz word for those already looking for a verbal confrontation whether it be for or against.

The country will get along without me watching the state of the union address but that's no excuse for me not to care. This is my home and I love it here.