Puddle of Mudd frontman Wes Scantlin's erratic behavior is continuing to cause issues for the band. The singer recently had another mid-show meltdown, with the rest of the group walking offstage leaving the singer seated alone to face an unruly crowd. Scantlin's ever-growing reputation for these type of incidents have resulted in plenty of headlines.

Per the video (seen above) description, "After a drunken start to a half gig in Doncaster [England] Wes Scantlin announced the band [is] not playing together after he couldn't perform." The clip starts with the singer flipping off his bandmates as they walk away and music blares over the venue's PA system. He explains that his band has stopped playing with him even going as far as saying, "Is that not a surprise?" As you can hear in the clip, audience members aren't shy about voicing their opinions, screaming "F--k you, Wes!" and calling him "a disgrace."

As the singer tries to relay more to the audience, it is apparent that his microphone has been turned off in favor of the PA system. Slipknot's "Psychosocial" is heard playing loudly in the background through the end of the video as Scantlin remains cross-legged on a wooden chair.

This is the third time this year that Puddle of Mudd have not completed a set due to the frontman's actions. Both of the previous incidents occurred in February where Scantlin accused a fan of stealing his house, subsequently ending the show on an abrupt note. A little over two weeks later, another show was cut short after the singer berated the sound man and refused to carry on with the remainder of the gig. As he walked offstage, fans denounced Scantlin and threw items at him before making his way out.

Scantlin's issues have been well-documented both on and offstage as the singer racked up several legal infractions over the last few years, spilling into 2016. After his house went into foreclosure, he was arrested for trespassing on the property and vandalizing his former home in January.

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