This is not a new topic of discussion, in fact, just a few weeks ago we got into it about tipping at the grocery store and whether this is a thing or not (and in case you were wondering I still stand behind the fact that cashiers or those bagging groceries are not people on my 'must tip' list.)

Well, this weekend I was away for a night at the hotel, and was somewhat shocked to see QR codes both in our room, in the hallway near the elevators, and even in the continental breakfast area for 'easier tipping.'


Let's discuss.

Hotel Stay Tips - Who Gets One?

My parents always taught us that if you stay in a hotel, even just for one night, you should leave a few bucks on the counter or nightstand before you leave.  If you're staying for quite a few nights, leave a larger tip at the end.

For example, I recently spent five nights in Vegas and my room was in tip top shape each time I returned so I left a really generous (I thought so) tip at the end of my stay.


On the other hand, when I went to Disney for a week last year they never came in and made the beds, changed the sheets or cleaned the room, just emptied the garbage a few times, and we had to call to get fresh towels, so I did not leave a generous tip for them (sorry Mickey).

But let's say housekeeping doesn't ever come, are you still leaving money on your way out?

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Cash App/QR code Tipping - Yes or No?

Now, we've already gone down the whole people asking for cash app donations for just about every occasion. Marriage, divorces, showers, birthday celebrations, I stubbed my toe so cash app me some money for fun bandaids...that one might be a stretch, but...

Personally, I think this whole trend is tacky, but as I mentioned earlier, when I was at the hotel over the weekend I saw QR codes posted all over the place encouraging people to tip electronically.


This one was in our room, but there were similar ones on the walls and tables where the continental breakfast was served, and I just felt kind of, well, weird about the whole thing.

I didn't end up doing the electronic tip at all, I went old school and left my money on the night stand, tucked underneath the alarm clock.

Have you ever tipped this way/would you?

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