This isn't something you'd expect to see while waiting in line for an everything bagel with cream cheese. Morning commuters in New York just want to grab their bagel and get to work, as soon as possible. Sometimes you'll find a variety of strange characters in these sort of places. But some unusual guests crashed the party Monday at an area bagel shop, and their arrival actually left customers feeling delighted.

Gothamist is reporting that a mother duck and her eight ducklings waddled their way into Bagel World Park Slope early Monday afternoon, apparently looking for a bite to eat. One witness noticed some kid and adults all pointing and laughing at something outside the store. That's when he noticed the oncoming gang of fowl approaching. 

These ducks emerged from beneath an NYPD school safety van.  They went right out into the street. A couple of us jumped out to stop traffic so they didn't get run over, and then they got to the other side. It was adorable...

Gothamist says the hungry ducks entered the bagel shop and then left after a few minutes. An employee threw some crumbs at the birds to make sure they stayed on the sidewalk and didn;t run out into traffic. The pervious witness to the duck invasion said and another man helped the family cross the road to safety. Some had claimed they were eventually lead over to Prospect Park to a safe location.

This isn't the first duck-related story we've reported recently, and a few happened closer to home. Around a month ago, Poughkeepsie Police and the Poughkeepsie Highway Department rescued a group of ducklings that had fallen into a storm drain. The little ones were safely pulled from the drain, and an animal control officer waited behind for the mother to return for the ducklings. Once mom duck had come back, the ducklings followed her home.

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