I always have to show love to people who can accomplish things I'd never even be able to dream of doing.

So, before we get to the actual video here, let's get just a few specific things out of the way:

  1. I can't play the drums
  2. I can't do a backflip
  3. I absolutely, 100% cannot do a backflip while playing the drums

But that's what separates me from Aric Improta, drummer for the California band Night Verses, who not only can do those things, but he demonstrates his ability to do so via YouTube video. From multiple angles.

It's marginally frustrating when people are able to do bad ass stuff like this while all you're capable of doing is sitting around on the internet and finding videos of people doing bad ass stuff like this.

Ah well, off to more videos! I just found one of a guy pouring molten tar on an iPhone 6, so there goes my afternoon.