When this Hudson Valley coffee spot opened their first location in Wappingers Falls back in 2019, many locals were intrigued by the design of the building and how this caffeinated experience would work.

Fast forward nearly 3 years, Ready Coffee now has a second location in Newburgh, and we have quickly become very accustomed to, and totally satisfied with the Ready Coffee experience.

Well, customers will be excited to know that the roast that started it all, 'Headliner,' is now available for purchase in coffee bags to brew at home!

According to a press release from the company:

Headliner is the roast that started it all. This blend was born out of our quest to produce a coffee that is the perfect medium: deep, rich, and round without bitterness, always light and nimble. To create this blend we researched old world culinary methods, turned our failures into successes, and survived several run-ins with the local fire department. Headliner personifies our belief that coffee shouldn’t be a heavy lift. It’s the star of our show and we hope you love it.

It doesn't get much more local than Headliner, as it is roasted at their roasting facility in Wappingers Falls, by hand, in small batches.  Why the small batch roasting and blending, well, it allows them to create a coffee that's deep and rich, and at the same tiem free of the dirty and bitter aftertaste.

It can be brewed in your method of choice, in a French press, espresso, as a cold brew, or straight up.  The Headliner is described as a medium roast blend of Central and South American coffees and has notes of milk chocolate, salted caramel and apricot - yum!

The bags of Headliner are available for purchase at both the Wappingers Falls and Newburgh locations, and have been flying off the shelves, literally, customers have been buying them faster than they were produced initially.

I can't think of a better way to support a great local business and surprise the coffee lover in your life with an awesome tasting gift this holiday season!

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