Lately, I feel like our world may be shrinking a bit. I am not talking about it getting smaller in the sense that we are becoming more centered on space. I am talking about the fact that as we get back out there for the first summer since COVID shutdown the world you find that there are fewer places to go.

I realize that this may be a state of mind because I seem to be traveling in a small circle right now but I think that most of you may feel the same way. It doesn't help when we realize that some of our old haunts have shuttered their doors due to retirement or the economy. Some have stayed open but needed to at least change the way they do business such as closing an extra day or shortening the hours they are open.

How To Help Hudson Valley Business, NY

Dan Rentea
Dan Rentea

We hear regularly on the news how there are so many jobs but no one applying. We hear how restaurants are closing an extra day because they don't have staff. The last time I took my car to get serviced I saw that the shop is still looking to hire a mechanic.

This is what I mean by shrinking. Now shrinking may not be a bad thing if it is going to lead to new growth but my fear is between now and then we will lose more of our favorite places. So make me a promise even though gasoline is through the roof and grocery prices are right behind them. Please promise me that you will stop into your favorite local Hudson Valley business and give them a boost. And hey if you need a little extra money why not check out getting a part-time job at your favorite hometown business. Sounds like a win-win.

Ideas for Hudson Valley businesses to visit

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