If you're looking for a holiday gift idea, or maybe just a snack for yourself, look no further. Seafood chain Red Lobster will be releasing their limited-edition holiday gift boxes Monday, November 16. Inside the boxes comes half a dozen of the restaurant's famous cheddar bay biscuits.

They're easy to get a hold of too. WGRZ says that you can stop by any Red Lobster restaurant to pick up your box, or have them delivered, where available. This could eliminate any questions when it comes to dining out during a pandemic, as you can share your cheddar biscuits with friends or family. Or, you can simply down all six yourself, and the 970 total calories, while binge watching you favorite show on a cold winter's night. If they keep telling everyone to be socially distant, then you've earned your right to stuff your face like fat, glorious piece of s***.

Maybe leave some out for Santa?

Well, if you think this is a bit much, Red Lobster actually had a promotion where their biscuits were warmed by a specially made ugly Christmas sweater last year.

As more restaurant chains are feeling the strain of COVID-related restrictions, don't be surprised to more promotions like in the coming months. McDonald's just announced the return of the hugely popular McRib. Many chains have been adjusting their menus, by adding certain specials, while taking other things away with little reason why. Anyone miss their Mexican Pizza at Taco Bell? Guess you could try the pizza at Panera instead?

It may be a long winter ahead, especially if we're forced indoors. We could all stand to gain a few pounds. Red Lobster has Hudson Valley locations in Poughkeepsie, Kingston, Middletown, Nanuet. Scarsdale, and Yonkers. Plus, there's also their Danbury, CT spot as well.

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