In addition to my work here at the radio station, I also work with students at a local college that contribute to the campus media outlets - radio, television, newspaper.  Campus, and the town in general, are both beginning to feel a little less empty these days as students return to the area to prepare for the start of the new academic year, but tomorrow is the big day - new student move in.

I've worked on college campuses for quite some time now, and have been around for a ton of new student move in days, and there's always a mix of people, emotions and experiences going on.  You have those students who are like PEACE mom and dad, see you at Thanksgiving (if you're lucky), you've got bawling parents who come with bins full of cleaning supplies (and tissues for the ride home), then you have those students who aren't quite sure what to make of the experience at all.

Times have certainly changed though, since I went away to school anyway.  With technology, amazon deliveries and just the available resources on college campuses, things are a little bit different

Did you go away to college, and if so, did you live on campus?  Do you remember your college move in day?  I commuted my first year (because my parents offered to buy me a car if I didn't live on campus), I then got a job on campus and ended up hitting the road (with the car) to live on - thanks mom and dad - so I don't have your typical new student move in day story to tell, but what's yours?