Get ready for a bit of sticker shock if you have kids getting ready to start looking at colleges!

As a father of an almost high school junior, the time has come for us to start looking at colleges. As the process began, I was blown away by how expensive tuition is to attend some of the schools that she's thinking about applying to.

Let me start by saying I'm happy that she is interested in furthering her education, I'm a little sad that most of the schools she mentioned are not anywhere near the Hudson Valley...LOL! Maybe that's a good thing because as far as tuition goes, the Hudson Valley has two of the top 15 most expensive colleges in the United States.

It's How Much a Year?

Recently, the folks at CBS shared the 50 most expensive colleges in America and after looking at their list, not only was I surprised that a couple of Hudson Valley schools made the list but I was SHOCKED by how much school costs a year at some of these schools.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Bard College

Located in Dutchess County, Bard is a private liberal arts college that has a gorgeous campus that overlooks the Hudson River in the Town of Red Hook. Bard's campus includes some 70 buildings spread out over almost 1,000 acres of land. In a recent survey of colleges, Bard College ranked #54 out of all colleges in America according to Wikipedia.

The high-ranking and amazing campus comes with a hefty yearly price tag as it'll cost students $75,921 per year which landed the school at #15 on the most expensive schools list according to CBS.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Vassar College

Also located in Dutchess County, Vassar is a private liberal arts college with a history-rich campus on Raymond Avenue in Poughkeepsie, NY. Back in the 1800s, the college was first called "Vassar Female College" as it started as a woman-only school. School founder Matthew Vassar dropped the word female from the school's name after only a year but the school didn't start excepting male students until 1969. In 2021 the yearly cost for students was $76,000 per year, which landed Vassar at #12 on the most expensive schools list according to CBS.

What College has the Highest Yearly Tuition?

I'm going out on a limb and saying most of us have never heard of the school with the latest yearly cost! Harvey Mudd College located in California tops the list of most expensive schools with a yearly price tag of $77,339 per year according to CBS. Have you ever heard of it?

If you are a parent like me and want to look at some of the other school options in the Hudson Valley, check these out...

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