The Hudson Valley and Catskill region are crawling with all different kinds of wildlife that might seem appealing to your pup at home. Personally, I know that if my dog sees a rabbit, skunk, or groundhog, he'll try his best to get to them.

Unfortunately, one Catskill pup got a little too close to a porcupine. The dog was promptly taken to Catskill Veterinary Services in Rock Hill where they proceeded to take out 700 (!!!) porcupine quills. You can see the insane amount of quills below, but we have to warn you the video is pretty graphic:

Catskill Veterinary Services explains that porcupines are actually common in the mid-Hudson region and Catskills, they write on Facebook:

Porcupines are very common in our area and dogs will often go after them out of curiosity. These quills can migrate and cause severe infections and pain. PLEASE DO NOT CUT THE QUILLS. They do not release the quill from the dog's body. It will only make it harder for the veterinary health care team to remove them.

Thankfully, the pup is going to make a full recovery. They even shared a photo of the adorable dog after the 700 quills were removed.

Slowly but surely, porcupines have been moving into the Hudson Valley but have been known to live in the Adirondacks and Catskills. According to most sources, porcupines will most likely run away from human contact, but clearly, pets are another story.

Have you ever seen a porcupine? Has your pet had an encounter? Let us know through the stations country app!

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