The Hudson Valley is constantly growing and bringing in exciting opportunities. A lot has happened in the Hudson Valley since the beginning of the new year.

Hudson Valley business owners have continued their journey in our area or are just starting.

There has also been businesses that have been open for a while but yet are expanding and bringing in new ways to promote their establishment.  In fact, there could be Hudson Valley businesses that some residents haven't heard about yet.

It's exciting to see experiences in the community come into play right in our area. Not only does this bring the Hudson Valley together, but it also supplies jobs, supports local business and creates a better environment to be involved in.

A unique experience at a Hudson Valley salon could positively impact couples.

Hudson Valley "Him & Her" Changes Salon Game For Couples


When I came across this new Hudson Valley business, I automatically thought, "genius!". 

Him & Her is located in Sullivan County, NY. They describe their business as 

"A unique Salon and Day Spa, specializing in haircare for women and grooming services for men."

This family owned and operated business is run by husband and wife. This salon has something for the ladies and the fellas. 

"Him & Her" Is Located In Rock Hill, NY

Yuri and Elizabeth run this one of a kind salon and spa within the Hudson Valley. Some of their services include hair cuts, beard cuts, fades and kids cuts. Him & Her also has skincare options, hair removal, manicures, pedicures, makeup and microblading appointments as well.

Their unique services also include Multi Therapeutic LED Light Therapy, Shirodhara and Dry Exfoliation Full Body Treatment.

Have You Heard Of These Unique Experiences Before?


I haven't heard of some of these services before and was intrigued. According to Him & Her,

Multi Therapeutic LED Light Therapy is described as,

"LED light therapy has 8 different colors that we work with. Each color delivers a safe concentrated wavelength of natural light into the skin, where it's absorbed by cells to help them repair themselves and become healthier."


"Each light travels to different depths into the skin, triggering particular functions on that level, treating acne, regulating natural oil production, stimulating collagen and elastin, minimizing redness/sensitivity*, helping keep rosacea under control*, reduces wrinkles, dark spots, and uneven skin tone".

Shirodhara is described as,

"An ayurvedic treatment that involves full body massage, hair, and scalp hot oil treatment, and aromatherapy. Relaxes mind* Promotes better sleep* Improves mental health* Nourishes hair and scalp* Reduces anxiety and fear* Reduces memory problems"


Dry Exfoliation Full Body Treatment is described as,

"Therapeutic full body treatment that is stimulating, renewing, detoxifying, lifting and hydrating! Great for dry, flaky, dehydrated skin! It's a blissful experience."


Does Him & Her Offer Services For Couples?


Couples who visit can enjoy an experience of service together at Him & Her whether it's in the same room or seperate.

The Unique Him & Her Therapy is described as,

"This therapeutic treatment combines European facial and latest skincare technologies to maximize the results that last for weeks after. We also included mind-body wellness techniques like neck, shoulder and scalp massage, aromatherapy and breathing techniques, to bring balance and calm the mind."

After reading this, it reminded me to get a facial, a massage and treat myself to a day of relaxation.

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Are Him & Her Hiring In Rock Hill, NY?


According to the Sullivan County Chamber of Commerce, Him & Her are hiring for multiple positions. They are looking for hair stylists, barers, manicure and pedicure technicicans.

Those intereseted can contact them via email or phone number.

Him & Her Made An Announcement on Facebook


The salon made their official announcement on social media, confirming that they are/were hiring.

Where's your favorite salon or spa to go to the Hudson Valley? Share with us below.

Hudson Valley Businesses That Opened in 2023

If you're looking for the newest hotspot in the Hudson Valley, you don't have to search far. The hottest nightclub in the area may be right in your neighborhood. An authentic taco spot has opened in Orange County, NY and residents have returned numerous times for their mouthwatering meals.

A fan favorite Rhinebeck, NY restaurant has announced their second location in Ulster County, NY. A korean style restaurant has taken over the same building and location of the beloved and popular, Tony Boffa's Restaurant.

Kingston, NY's Ole Savannah owner made an announcement of their new restaurant. This will open in Uptown Kingston in early Spring. A seafood restaurant closed their doors in Middletown, NY but recently reopened in Monroe, NY.

A new plaza opened in Orange County, NY that brought several, local businesses to one location. Within this location, guests can fill up on gas, get their nails and hair done, stop in for some tacos and cash in their cans and bottles.

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