Have you heard people talk about "Rockin' the Ridge"? What does that mean? Are there rocks involved? Or is it rock music that is the focus of it? Well, sort of all the above.

Rock The Ridge is a 50-Mile personal endurance challenge, where you can run or walk or both within a 24-hour period, starting April 30, 2016. Your backdrop for the challenge is the Mohonk Preserve.

Should you be that serious about finishing the challenge, there are three divisions for prizing purposes. According to their website, here are the three divisions:

  • The Individual 50-Mile division is for those looking to take on a personal challenge.
  • In the Team 50-Mile division, teams of two, three, or four persons cover the entire distance together.
  • In the Relay division, each member of a two- or four-person team will cover a section of the 50-mile course.

Rock the Ridge is also a fundraiser, it's goal is to raise money to help preserve the 8,000 acres of the Shawangunk Ridge.

From the 2014 'Rock The Ridge':