We hear all kinds of noises in the night air in the Hudson Valley. Some are hard to identify but others are unmistakable. Take the Barred Owl for instance,. Their call is easy to identify and actually has a little saying that goes with it to help people identify that they are listening to a Barred Owl. The saying is "Who cooks, Who cooks, Who cooks for you".

If you listen to owls at night in the wooded areas around Poughkeepsie, Kingston, and Newburgh there is a good chance you have heard this distinctive call. Ulster County's ridges are full of Barred Owls. A great night out owl listening can result in you hearing the owls call to each other from various parts of the woods.

What Sounds Do Hudson Valley Owls Make?

Today I came across a Facebook post from July 1, 2021, where the Mohonk Preserve talked about local owls. They referenced a paper written by Daniel Smiley some years back about the Owls of the Shawangunk Ridge. I decided to use his list as a guide to collecting these different videos so you can sample the different owl's calls.

The Barred Owl

The Great Horned Owl

The Eastern Screech Owl

The Northern Saw-whet Owl

The Snowy Owl (Who you would really find hear in the warmer months)

The Barn Owl

As you can see from the samples of sounds most of these owls sound very different from each other. They also would all sound very creepy on a dark night if you were sitting outside near the woods.

At least now after listening to their calls, you might not be so startled. Now you can simply turn to your friends and say that's just a little Eastern Screech Owl. (I think they sound the creepiest.)

And lastly, it is not bad luck to hear an owl at night. That is an old wives' tale. Or is it?

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