Rubik's has revamped their classic toy to work with the only thing anyone seems to care about. You can now solve a Rubik' Cube step by step using an app on your phone.

Just about anything that's close to 50 years old could use a fresh coat of paint but there are some things that are so simple they become timeless. That's especially true when talking about toys.  I always thought a Rubik's Cube was one of those toys. Whether you love it or hate it you have to respect the Rubik's Cube. It's the toy that no one asked for. Is it even a toy?

The classic Rubik's design apparently has no purpose in someone's fast paced and techno filled life.

Rubik's made a new smart Cube that connects to your phone and is able to walk you through it step by step in order to help you.

Why would anyone want some form of mental stimulation in 2021? If it doesn't sync to your phone and do it for you then some people don't even want to bother with it.

That last thing that anyone wants around here is creative critical thinkers and problems solvers. Those kind of traits don't raise an obedient society.

What kind of person needs this? I have never completed a Rubik's Cube in my life because I'm dumb and I'm a failure. I gave up on it like most things in life but I'll tell you what I'm not... a cheater.

I'll be damned if I ever use a robotic Rubik's Cube or let my children come anywhere near this thing. They can be losers just like their old man.


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