The Culinary Institute of America welcomed their newest student this month, and it's none other than TV personality Ryan Seacrest.

The host of Live with Kelly & Ryan and American Idol showed up in Hyde Park for his very first class at the CIA.

The media tycoon and long-time television personality says he's dedicated to learning the culinary arts and has enrolled for real at the Culinary Institute of America. The New Year's Eve ball dropper even posted a TikTok documenting his first class with Chef David Bruno. The class teaches fundamental protein techniques.

It appears that Seacrest had a rough first day, cutting himself pretty badly in the finger while attempting to prepare a fish. The host explains that he never graduated college and really wanted to go back to school to learn something useful. Seacrest claims he's totally dedicated to learning the fundamentals of cooking and that this isn't some sort of stunt.

TikTok/Ryan Seacrest
TikTok/Ryan Seacrest

It's unclear exactly how much time the busy TV host is spending in Hyde Park. The video of his first class appears to be a one-on-one instruction with no other students in the kitchen. Also, jumping right into filleting up a fish seems like an especially accelerated course of study. Most students spend time learning knife skills and other kitchen basics before jumping into an advanced technique like this.

Students at the CIA have to work at the campus' restaurants before graduating, taking turns in the kitchen and serving guests. How crazy would it be to show up for dinner and have Ryan Seacrest as your waiter?

Seacrest says he knows exactly why he's doing this, and may eventually reveal his intentions down the road. Perhaps he's launching a restaurant or just wants to learn more skills so he can be better prepared for those entertaining cooking segments on Live. Either way, keep your eyes open for the media mogul on campus in Hyde Park.

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