I'm back jack! Another amazing adventure has come and gone and you know what that means. It's time to share my fun with you. This months adventure takes us to France.

I can't say it enough, I am so lucky to be able to have such great adventures to share with you and if there is one word of advice I can ever pass on it's travel. If you couldn't tell I love to travel, it does something to your spirit, it revitalizes, it opens your eyes, it's just amazing.

So do what you have to, save your pennies, buy one less cup of coffee a week, quit smoking, stop shopping (well cut back at least) but do what it takes to have your own travel experiences. Until that day comes I am happy to share my experiences with you. This time we head to France for an river cruise on Avalon Waterways.

First and foremost I know what you're thinking, a river cruise? You're way too young for that. Well thank you, but I don't like to believe in stereotypes and I am so glad I didn't let that hold me back because river cruising is so phenomenal. It's laid back, it's fun and just the right amount of fancy.

My adventure began in Paris and stopped at several beautiful towns along the Seine. I was able to check out Monet's residence and his beautiful gardens, I saw an amazing fortress built by Richard the Lionheart and stopped by Napoleon and Josephine's chateau just outside of Paris. But by far the highlight of the trip was visiting the Normandy Landing Beaches and the American Cemetery.

As a huge history buff and as an pretty patriotic American words cant describe what it's like to see these places, to be in these places and to just take it all in. I'll leave it to that as I don't want to get all sappy and certainly don't want you sobbing as you look through all my great pictures. But the point being that travel isn't always about cocktails and sunshine, characters and rides, sometimes it's about learning to appreciate the past. So get out there and create your own experiences.

You can always make more money, you cant always make more memories.  Tchin-Tchin!