It wasn't all "oohs and ahhs" at one firework show over Independence Day weekend.

The 4th of July weekend is by far the biggest weekend all year for firework displays and celebrations. Most Hudson Valley towns had something planned over the weekend to celebrate America's birthday. There were big celebrations in Kingston and Poughkeepsie, both went off without any major issues, but folks that attended the fireworks show in Saugerties are sharing a different story.

When most of us plan to attend a firework show, we are well aware that the start time of the show varies depending on a few things, weather, what time the sun sets, all common reasons why a show might be delayed. But according to numerous social media posts, attendees of the yearly fireworks display in Saugerties were left waiting for hours for the show to even start because of a baseball game.

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Saugerties Fireworks

The 4th of July celebration was scheduled to start at the Cantine Feild Sports Complex in Saugerties following the Saugerties Stallions baseball game between the Stallions and the Dutchmen from Albany, but because the game took longer than expected, families waiting for fireworks had to wait until almost 11 p.m. for the show to start.

"It’s 10:30 at night and the Saugerties fireworks have not started yet…Why do we have to have a Stallions game on the 4th of July?? This is the second year in a row - there are families with small children that left already/ we’re leaving now- very disappointed"

Families Left Before the Show

The late start caused many families with young children to miss the show with one commenter saying, "Sadly we had to leave too! Too late for the kids. They were so disappointed! Were waiting all day to see the fireworks. But when it came to 10:30 pm we left. Didn't know a baseball game had to get over in order to celebrate the 4th of July fireworks. Not going there next year."

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Another comment said, "Pretty sad that parents have to keep their kids out this late because Saugerties has to wait until the stallions game is over to have the fireworks they were never this late!!! SMH!!!"

The Stallions did end up winning their game 13-8 and according to people that stayed for the firework show, it finally got underway around 10:45 p.m. The extremely late start has some residents asking the town to step in and make it up to residents, "Saugerties you owe this town another night of fireworks where the families and kids can enjoy!! Never seen cantine so empty before!!! Horrible horrible planning."

Is There a Solution?

Should Saugerties do something special for residents to make up for the late start? Let us know through the Wolf Country app.

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