In discussions about Central Hudson Gas & Electric (G&E), concerns about billing practices and transparency loom large. Many customers express frustration, feeling misled by the company's handling of meter readings and billing accuracy.

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A major grievance revolves around billing discrepancies. Customers report that bills initially show "actual" readings but later switch to "estimated," leaving them feeling deceived. Moreover, the inability to submit meter photos exacerbates skepticism among consumers.


These concerns echo across local forums and Reddit communities like r/HudsonValley, where users share stories of overcharging and service issues. While some find resolution through customer service, others express frustration at the need for intervention.


Despite Central Hudson G&E's claim that meters are read bi-monthly with automatic corrections, skepticism persists among customers.


One customer recounts their experience: "They entered my meter reading wrong, charging me for twice my typical usage. After speaking with someone, they let me send in a photo and adjusted my bill pretty quickly." However, the fact that such errors occur in the first place raises questions about the company's practices.


Another customer highlights an issue with meter location: "I live in an apartment complex, and Central Hudson cannot actually locate my meter since it's not labeled." Such instances further erode trust in the company's ability to provide accurate services.


These challenges trace back to regulatory changes in the 1990s. Formerly, companies managed all aspects internally, but government mandates increased complexity, leaving some companies understaffed and struggling.


Given this backdrop, customers are urged to leverage resources such as the New York State Department of Public Service for assistance. Filing a complaint through the Department's platform offers a means to ensure consumers' voices are heard and concerns addressed effectively.


Ultimately, addressing these issues will require not only increased transparency from Central Hudson G&E but also regulatory oversight to protect consumers' interests and ensure fair treatment.