Thinking about heading to the movies this weekend? Here is a look at the new ones, with trailers:

San Andreas (wide release)
Dwayne Johnson stars in earthquake disaster film "San Andreas."  When the San Andreas fault triggers a massive earthquake, Johnson must navigate the destruction in his search-and-rescue helicopter to rescue his family.  He flies from Los Angeles all the way to San Francisco and watches as the Earth swallows entire cities.  Carla Gugino and Alexandra Daddario also star. 
Aloha (wide release)
Bradley Cooper and Emma Stone star in romantic comedy "Aloha."  Cooper plays a defense worker who teams up with a pilot played by Stone in order to stop a satellite launch.  What starts as strictly business turns romantic between the military pair, as they navigate the tropical setting and Hawaiian culture.  "Aloha" also stars Rachel McAdams and Alec Baldwin. 
Results (limited release, but available on demand & itunes)
Guy Pearce and Cobie Smulders take center stage in romantic comedy "Results."  A pair of mismatched personal trainers only have one thing in common: they're both tasked with whipping a highly unmotivated slob into shape.  While their progress starts in the gym, they start to make progress in other parts of their life that can't be measured in push-ups.  Kevin Corrigan and Brooklyn Decker also star. 
Gemma Bovery  (limited release, but available on demand & itunes)
"Gemma Bovery" follows Martin, a baker who settles into life in a small village.  When an English couple moves in across the street, he quickly recognizes similarities to one of his favorite works by a French author.  When the couple's life starts to mirror that of the tragic story, he tries to step in, but realizes he might not be able to get in the way of fate. This is the same director from "Coco Before Chanel".
Here is the trailer with subtitles: