You can say that you knew him when! Hudson Valley author Shane Lehan is holding a book signing in Hyde Park to celebrate the release of his first novel, "Hollywood Heaters:The Outlaws of the Roaring 20s." In a sentence, the book is a Hollywood noir- a rabbit hole into the underworld of the 1920’s outlaw crew, the Hollywood Heaters.

Hudson Valley Author Publishes "Hollywood Heaters: The Outlaws of the Roaring 20s"

Shane Lehan has been on the creative journey of writing "Hollywood Heaters" for two years. After taking writing courses throughout high school and college, Lehan hopes to make a career out of writing. "Hollywood Heaters" marks his first publication. Lehan says he hopes to inspire others to write with his works, and he encourages all those who read the book to take the story in whichever way they choose.

Shane Lehan
Shane Lehan

"I’m really excited about doing this book signing. It’s something I’ve been thinking about doing for a long time," says Lehan. "I'm grateful for the help from Salmon of Knowledge Books, and the Hyde Park and Staatsburg Libraries for helping me check this off my bucket list."

Shane Lehan
Shane Lehan

"Hollywood Heaters: The Outlaws of the Roaring 20s" is the story of a group of Chicago kids who grow up together in the 1920's. They find out their families are a part of a Chicago Mafia. The group finds themselves getting involved in the mafia's dealings, robbing banks and navigating their way through prohibition in Hollywood. The deeper they get, the more they want to write their own rules.

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Lehan says, "From the outside, it is a prohibition/gangster story; however, there are many layers and different perspectives to this story. Which I will dive into more at the signing. It’s about a group who find themselves in a place they don’t belong, and adapt to thrive in their environment and make it their sanctuary. It’s a mix of Hollywood Tycoons, Celluloid heroes, and witty gangsters."

You can meet Shane Lehan and learn more about the book and his creative process by visiting Salmon of Knowledge Bookstore in Hyde Park on Thursday, January 18th from 6:30pm to 8pm. If you cannot make the signing, you can buy the book now online.

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