The Dutchess County Sheriff's Office is warning of possible paving/outdoor work scams. 

Currently the sheriff's office does not have any open criminal  investigations into this type of activity, however in past years it has started in the late winter/early spring and residents should be aware that it could happen again.

Traditionally, the perpetrators target the elderly and show up unannounced offering paving/outdoor work for a significant discount. They will then ask for a deposit, and once the deposit is paid (usually in cash) they will do some of the work but then leave and not return to finish the job.

The Sheriff's Office is warning residents of Dutchess County and surrounding areas to be on the lookout for this type of activity, and be wary of anyone unannounced to do work. The Sheriff's Office is also urging residents to watch for suspicious vehicles or people, and to report them immediately.

The Sheriff’s Office offers the following pieces of advice for avoiding these types of potential scams:

  • Be wary of people you don’t know showing up at your house to do unannounced work
  • Ask for identification to know who exactly you’re dealing with
  • Get a written estimate and a written contract
  • Be wary of handwritten contracts on paper with no letterhead or business name
  • Don’t give cash as a deposit/down payment
  • Don’t let anyone that you don’t know inside your house

If anyone feels that they have been a victim of this type of activity they are urged to contact the Sheriff's Office at (845) 486-3800 or via the tipline at 845-605-CLUE or (attention Detective Gerardi).