The Silversun Pickups rolled through the Hudson Valley on an off date from Third Eye Blind tour and treated fans to an afternoon many will never forget. The band ended up getting to town around 7 AM and Paul from Newburgh Brewing Company was on hand to make sure everything was good to go.

Doors opened at 4 and hundreds of fans started streaming into the building. Brian and Nikki ended up performing five songs acoustic for us at 6. Brian pulled off a move that has yet to be attempted at WRRV Sessions. During their song 'Panic Switch', Nikki was holding it down on the bass while Brian walked all the way to the bar to get a couple of cold refreshing beverages (it was hot in there).

We're now entering into year three of WRRV Sessions and we're just getting warmed up. This one will go down as one of my top 5 personal favorites. Thanks Silversun Pickups for being amazing!

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