You probably have seen dozens of episodes of The Simpsons and at least 100 people reading this have seen all of them. But, have you seen one "live?" Now not only can you see Homer Simpson live on TV, but you can help to decide what he does. The Simpsons first hit the TV airwaves December of 1989 and as they celebrate their 27th anniversary, they are looking to try out a few new things.

According to "The Hollywood Reporter" the show will use motion-capture technology to generate a "live" interactive version of Homer for the last three minutes of the episode to air on May 15, 2016. Do you have a question that you would like to ask Homer? May 1 through May 4, you can submit questions that you would like him to answer via Twitter using the  #HomerLive hashtag.

Here are a few questions that Deuce would like to ask Homer:

  • Why do waste your vast intellect working a menial job at a power plant?
  • How much Duff beer can you drink in one day?
  • What is the ABV of Duff beer?
  • If you were locked in a bakery, which donut would you eat first? Glazed or chocolate frosted?