We've been doing this whole mask thing for about six months now and you're still just throwing it on the ground?

Why is this still a problem? I'd hope that whoever is doing will see this article but they're most likely uncivilized neanderthals and may be frightened by technology.

We've been joined together in fighting the coronavirus since March.

New York was hit especially hard by thee virus initially. If you remember the timeline in the beginning of the pandemic there was so much confusion and hysteria. Many Hudson Valley residents snatched up sanitizer, Lysol, gloves and surgical masks. After a few weeks later and you could hardly go anywhere that was still open and not see someone wearing a mask and gloves. Almost another week went by and a mask became a requirement.

Ever since then the streets and parking lots throughout the community have been littered with used medical supplies.

It's been a problem since April and it hasn't gotten any better.

Why are you doing this? Is it on purpose? Is it just accidentally falling off of your face and you don't feel like picking it up? That's never happened to me. I'm just curious. Could you try to be better next time and not litter your gross mask on the streets?

Thanks in advance.